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Thought Leaders International

What is Thought Leadership?

Like most buzzwords, thought leadership is an often misused and misunderstood term. But what is it really? And why do you need to consider developing and publishing thought leadership? To highlight the problem with most buzzwords, Wikipedia calls thought leadership "business jargon" and defines it as content that is recognized by others as innovative, covering trends and topics that influence an industry.

Why is Thought Leadership important ?

Thought leadership is important for both Consumer (B2C) and B2B companies but it is especially important in B2B (Business-to-Business). This is because of the complexity and length of the decision-making process in B2B environments and the large number of people involved

Award Categories

  • Best Team of the year - Organization Achievement Award
  • Most Admired Organization Change and Leadership Award
  • Best Change Management in the Private Sector/ Public Sector
  • The Most Admired Culture Change and Practice Award